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Steps To Become a Police Officer For Fremont Police Department in California

Fremont police department requirements

Fremont, California is one of the smaller cities located along the San Francisco Bay Area but what it lacks in size it makes up for in friendliness. Like many cities in the state of California, it enjoys mild weather, boundless sunshine and diverse geography. The Fremont Police Department serves a city of more than 200,000 souls, but is still considered a small unit. Nonetheless, it is one of the friendliest and strangely, one of the few who make their presence in social media known.

FPD Requirements & Qualifications

Anyone who is at least 20 years old can apply for a job with the Fremont police, provided that they are legal permanent residents or US citizens. Fremont does not have a residency requirement, but it does require that candidates possess a high school diploma, at the minimum. They also expect candidates to be of good or impeccable moral character. Applicants should have a valid driver’s license issued in California.

They should also be in excellent physical condition with good eyesight and hearing. While the Fremont PD is an equal opportunity employer, candidates should have no disabilities that can hinder them from performing their duties as a law enforcement official. Suffering from colorblindness, for example, can disqualify you from a police recruit position.

Fremont PD Written Exam

The hiring procedure begins with a written test. This test measures your cognitive abilities, the way you observe your surroundings and even your vocabulary. Passing the test is an essential step in moving to the next phase, which is normally the Physical Ability Test (PAT). Even applicants in stellar physical condition may have some difficulty with the test. It is usually comprised of a series of fitness events that need to be completed in a certain number of minutes. Failure to complete any of these tests results in failure.

Oral Board Interview

After the written test and the physical, you may be endorsed to a panel interview or oral interview. This is comparable to a standard job interview, but with random reasoning questions thrown in. Preparation is key to passing this interview. It won’t hurt to dress for success, either. Be honest, be candid and concise. Police work involves a lot of oral reporting, so you understand the reasoning behind the interview.

Criminal Background Check

If you pass, the Fremont PD will begin a background investigation on you. This includes looking at your history, finances, credit records and even your relationships with family and friends. This is a way to ascertain your moral character and general good sense.

Psych Test

The next step is very important. You will be asked to submit to a medical evaluation and psychological testing. Both have equal weight, as they help to determine your physical and mental fitness. This is important because law enforcement is a high-stress job and they need to make sure that you will be healthy in the long-term so you can fulfill your duties.

California Police Academy

Passing the final tests means that you may or may not get hired, it all depends on the need and your overall performance during the selection process. If hired, you’ll be sent off to the police training academy to complete your basic training.

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